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The dojo is now holding regular classes in the Palisades Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will hold weekend classes as announced on the Class schedule.

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Nine Dragons Martial Arts has relocated to Palisades (Rockland County), New York. Founded in 1996, the dojo continues to offers classe in the art of Chi-I-Do Okinowan Go-Ju Karate for children and adults. Nine Dragons Martial Arts is affiliated with and certified by Chi-I-Do International. Each one of our Instructors is dedicated to teaching traditional Okinawan Karate to our students with personalized, one-on-one instruction to develop the mind, condition the body and build character.

A central feature of Chi-I-Do classes is our warmup routine, the "ultimate martial arts workout."

  • A carefully crafted series of exercises based on time-tested patterns of movement from Asian martial arts and designed for maximum strength, flexibility and coordination.
  • Designed to quickly develop you to your fullest potential regardless of age, ability or experience.
  • The necessary foundation for training traditional Okinawan Karate.
  • Proven so effective that it is being adopted by other martial arts instructors world-wide.
  • Combines the best of aerobics, yoga and chi gung.
  • Cardio benefits may qualify for insurance reimbursement.
  • Free private introductory program.

Whether you're interested in self-protection, exercise, discipline, or are just curious about martial arts training, come in... watch a class, meet the instructors. Flexible class schedules, reasonable tuition, and family discount plans make it easy to sign up for a program that fits your needs. Call (914) 523-8020 for more information.


Nine Dragons Martial Arts is


“I finally found a workout that has everything that all my other training was missing. I feel so much healthier after only two months!”
Jeanine Vecchiarelli, Graphic Artist


“I lost more weight and gained more strength in 2 years with Nine Dragons than in 8 years at the gym. And my blood pressure has dropped 40 points.
Kenn Dollar, Financial Analyst


“I have a busy practice and can train just a few hours a week. I’ve made tremendous progress thanks to the superior program at Nine Dragons.”
Bernard Sherman, DDS


“I’ve been training with Chris for nine years. People always assume I am ten years younger than my real age. Thanks, Nine Dragons!”
Brigit Perciballi, Marketing Director


“The abilities of the female Black Belts let me know that this art works for everyone. I‘m not that big, but after training here I know I can protect myself and my family.”
Annie Gerard, Computer Programmer



Christopher Chin, Director

Christopher Chin is the understated powerhouse leading the program at Nine Dragons Martial Arts. He holds the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt under Kow Loon Ong, one of the premier Goju Karate practitioners in the world and featured on the cover of Inside Karate. Chris has studied in Okinawa under ranking Goju and weapons masters and has over 20 years of international experience teaching adults and children. He is committed to quality instruction and martial arts excellence, as are all the instructors at Nine Dragons Martial Arts.

Certified staff instructors

All of the Nine Dragons Martial Arts instructors are certified Black Belts each with 12 to 35 years martial arts experience. Our male and female Instructors teach both adults and children.

  • always attentive to the needs and concerns of each Nine Dragons member
  • constantly refining their Goju Karate through advanced training